Thursday, January 20, 2011

I know I know, I suck..

Dear sygg,
Dear, in many ways, i'm a loser. i dissapointed many individuals in my life, not to mention my family, frens and you.
dear, i always wanted to tell you, how interior i felt in front of you. you see dear, in many ways, i am lame. i suck. i never heard and do many things. i never remember anything important and or please you in many ways. i, in many ways and words, is a humble loser. dear, u, have a car, that drives me everywhere whereas i, stay at home , cooking junks. you are the one who comes to see me, and bring me out. you are learning skills, and have business for yourself. whereas i, goes to work when time, my lousy works that no one respected, even when i'm happy for that. i never had enough money, and i depended on you in vast ways. i could not be there when you really need me, or help when you really need it. its like, the position of our relationship has tumbled and opposed. i.. am lame. i am only good at making stupid nonsense and anger everyone around me.
dear, i really felt tiny when i'm with you. or with our frens, never had the feeling of superiority came to me when they should have. and i hope, just a tiny faith in me, that u and our frens, accepted me they way i am, the way i had grown to be. i'm no superman, no extraordinaire. i'm just me. a rusty, stupid me.
dear, never the less, i love you. and i hope you'd never read this. i never though to put it here, but i never expected i had the guts to do it. just, don't hink less of me, ok?

till then,
a loser,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 + 0001 = newer beginning?



Ehem. Well, maybe. Who knows? Maybe. I DONT KNOW. Do you?


Well, bak kate kwn aku mek, Kepulangan Seorang Blogger? :P pegi makan laa mek!


I'm older now. got some more zits. obnoxious. not taller thought.

owh well.

well baby, i guess its you and me with avid listener isnt it dear?

blog : nope. just you.



well, announcement everybody. me started back this blogging thing. youre with me right Barney?

Barney : yeah bro! and get a suit!


well, see ya.

Happy 2011.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hello world...

hi real world. news flash from the dead and drifted. today i got to spend time with computers and limited internet connection. so blogging is the only option for fun apparently. and looks like fun's over. swoooshing back to hell. will revive on april 9 :).

hope for you to hear me then.

till then real world.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


hari ni patutnye aku happy. tau nape? sbb.. aku dah trperuk kt asrama slama 5 minggu, di seksa dgn bdk3 kt sane, kene blaja smpai lewat mlm, tdo lmbt bgn awal, tdo dlm kelas pastu kene marah, tdo time prep kene tembak pistol air. patutnye aku gembira sbb family aku dtg dr kl nk jumpe aku sbb nk amik brg. next week aku balik naik bas. parent xley amik. so patutnye hari ni aku relax.. kn3?


aku ptg td marah3 sbb aku brkejar turun bwh ingt mak aku dah dtg. pengumuman pn suro aku dtg bwk kd outing. rupanye bdk3 suro aku amik earphone. dah la xkemas brg lg. dahtu berlari bwh. kene gelak lg. then aku rase ngntok. tp baru nk tdo mami dah smpai. xpe3. blet tdo kn hotel kn3?
dah tu smpai hotel okkkk. smpai td lagu3 dlm ipod aku kene delete habis. fuck itunes. fuck itunes. then dgn kebabian pemandu yg xreti nk berhemah then dgn adik3 aku lg yg bergaduh pasal bende bodoh then libatkn aku. dh laa lg xde privacy kt hotel ni. rimas ko tau?

then pasal syg. sygg... sy skrg dgn parents. dgn ayah n mami yg suke check3 brg sy. bkn sng sy nk jawab call or sms . sms plak dah susah sket sbb hp sy tu dah mcm ****. n pliz jgn buat consumption yg sy xske k? boleh? ok sygg. n ye . sy hacks sygg. syg sorg je. ingt k?


paranoia. bende ni boleh buat aku gile klau kene slalu sgt.


aku benci ko paranoia.

time kasih sbb slalu temankn aku.


Monday, November 9, 2009


dear sygg. im sorryy sbb my phone kene rampas. i know sy xcall sygg sgt dah. sbb phone xde. lg pon dorgg xnk bagi gne phone dorg sgt. dorg takot kene ramapas lg./ cian kn? emm sorry sgt. btw diut sy dah 0 n n nnti klau bley sy cbe call k? tau3
sorii.. love you.. :*

Monday, November 2, 2009

ranting - grey matter?

here's to the reincarnation of the never deceased.
here's to he who thinks he's no one.
alone and petrified.
and if even thinks that you're in peace.
you got me to worry about.
this is not you dude.
what happen to the happy-go-fucking-lucky you?
you're all sad and distured.
and you don't even told me about it.
i know.
things must be hard for you.
things are hitting you hard.
your thing are hard (?!)
but you should know.
we're here laa wei.
i know we haven't talk for a while.
but i can't stand it reading you like that.
you know.
you belong with us.
eventhough the harsh words and smelly signature.
you're still with us.
you are what you eat.
and you are what you say.
say it like this.
and take it back like that.
you might can't understand this
(even i can't)
but deep down.
dude, you're my friend.
you can anything to me.
and you are not DEAD.
dear good friend,
this is to you who always did give the chance,
and gave back to him the chance.
to you who always did felt appreciated.
but you are.
deep down inside.
in the heart of souls who never open up their heart.
fuck me.
fuck you.
spirit and soul awaken.
may he revive in peas.
a lot of it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Post To Her

Dear Love,

For that very happy day, I've bought you a white rose. I ought to give to you. but i am much too far away. so i will kept in. by my side. Just like i kept you. inside my heart. so on our anniversary. on that happy day. there's only one thing i want to say. heard it many times before. others had heard of this also. but on that day, it will be special. for us al least. ok sygg? ehem. nk ckp ni.


happy anniversary.