Thursday, June 11, 2009

i am going back to penang! waa :((

i dont wanna go back. dont wanna. my time here is not finished yet.i wanna stay here longer. its gonna be 2 month till my next vacation. its a LONG time ok! i dont wanna.. there are still things i wanna do. people i wanna see. dont send me back to that torture collage ! waaa i dont wannaa! me dont wanna....

isk isk.. would some one hold me?

i think i need a hug.. :(

Monday, June 1, 2009

yes, im not the president ure not looking for..

when blogging. i have every right to say what i want. im not talking shit. im not insulting the president or anyone. im talking bout dissapointment. n who cares if my speeling is wrong. right? right? so i wanna talk about me not being the EMC president. so no one out there can think bad of me just because i post this, ok?! ok.. sorry for the harsh word (if u do think its harsh..)

at my school, theres a comitee called the English Motivational Comitee where its theyre job to motivate people to talk more english. and frankly, im one of them.

last thursday night. an election for the new office bearer for the EMC 09/10 has commenced. i myself, truth be told, wanted to be the president. n yes. i wanted it badly. so i try to convinced some of them to votefor me. n yet my street cred were not all that. so i didnt get the title. it get worse when i didnt get any title at all.. yeah maybe im being a title-freak but still.. i wanted a title. something that can make people know me. a reason of existence in that college. but sadly. no title for u. :(

huh.. in my debate team. im the only on without a title. my first speaker is the ict networker. he do the blog for the emc. my second speaker is the photographer for the emc while my third speaker. is the president. leaving me. nothing. i felt left out. but then. it all come back to me. its my fault that everybody else thinks im capub-ing or syok sendiri. maybe i should fix myself. have some motivation for myself. or.. i could just stay like this. being the guy that none approved of. huh...

well. thats all for my dissapointment post. i hope those who did read this wont jugde me badly. if u do. then i apologive to make u even thought of me . sorry n do visit again if u have time. gudbye now. n have a nice evening.

ps; my name is syafiq.. n thanks again..