Wednesday, March 18, 2009

damn *carut3* mp3!

i just got an mp3. it look nice. bluei in colour. i got it at ts with the price rm65. now the damn thing is . THIS THING BROKE! IT WONT PLAY MUSIC OR RECHARGE OR EVEN RESPONDE TO MY PC. i mean i just got it like 2 days ago. n this is what happen? ts is a long way from here n it gonna cost me lot just to get there. plus the time that is running out. the warranty is only 1 month ! plus the time to repair it. HUH!! my dad is totally gonna kill me. if i asked him to go to ts n repair it. damnn man...

any volunteer in helping me doing this?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Honey Im Home..!!

I am home! home fr the next 10 days from prison called MRSM KEPALA BATAS! where the prisoner living there r practising mental killing spree with a few exception who r killing physically. it is a time when saying hi (to the opposite gender, ususaly he seniors) is wrong n not saying hi (again,to the seniors. all of them) is wrong. the only right thing to do here is study n get throwned out from class if u dont finish up ur hw OR get in the class thru the window if ure late. yes its one of those places where if u dont survive here. u wont survive anywhere. yes welcome to MRSM KEPALA BATAS. where you classroommates(male usualy) r ur enemies..

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh effects

well. thats all for now. aside from the piles of hw n dirty laundry. nothing much of the many memoirs that i wanted to bring back. now i gotta go my reading. reading what? KREKO of cos. :D

bbye now.