Saturday, November 14, 2009


hari ni patutnye aku happy. tau nape? sbb.. aku dah trperuk kt asrama slama 5 minggu, di seksa dgn bdk3 kt sane, kene blaja smpai lewat mlm, tdo lmbt bgn awal, tdo dlm kelas pastu kene marah, tdo time prep kene tembak pistol air. patutnye aku gembira sbb family aku dtg dr kl nk jumpe aku sbb nk amik brg. next week aku balik naik bas. parent xley amik. so patutnye hari ni aku relax.. kn3?


aku ptg td marah3 sbb aku brkejar turun bwh ingt mak aku dah dtg. pengumuman pn suro aku dtg bwk kd outing. rupanye bdk3 suro aku amik earphone. dah la xkemas brg lg. dahtu berlari bwh. kene gelak lg. then aku rase ngntok. tp baru nk tdo mami dah smpai. xpe3. blet tdo kn hotel kn3?
dah tu smpai hotel okkkk. smpai td lagu3 dlm ipod aku kene delete habis. fuck itunes. fuck itunes. then dgn kebabian pemandu yg xreti nk berhemah then dgn adik3 aku lg yg bergaduh pasal bende bodoh then libatkn aku. dh laa lg xde privacy kt hotel ni. rimas ko tau?

then pasal syg. sygg... sy skrg dgn parents. dgn ayah n mami yg suke check3 brg sy. bkn sng sy nk jawab call or sms . sms plak dah susah sket sbb hp sy tu dah mcm ****. n pliz jgn buat consumption yg sy xske k? boleh? ok sygg. n ye . sy hacks sygg. syg sorg je. ingt k?


paranoia. bende ni boleh buat aku gile klau kene slalu sgt.


aku benci ko paranoia.

time kasih sbb slalu temankn aku.


Monday, November 9, 2009


dear sygg. im sorryy sbb my phone kene rampas. i know sy xcall sygg sgt dah. sbb phone xde. lg pon dorgg xnk bagi gne phone dorg sgt. dorg takot kene ramapas lg./ cian kn? emm sorry sgt. btw diut sy dah 0 n n nnti klau bley sy cbe call k? tau3
sorii.. love you.. :*

Monday, November 2, 2009

ranting - grey matter?

here's to the reincarnation of the never deceased.
here's to he who thinks he's no one.
alone and petrified.
and if even thinks that you're in peace.
you got me to worry about.
this is not you dude.
what happen to the happy-go-fucking-lucky you?
you're all sad and distured.
and you don't even told me about it.
i know.
things must be hard for you.
things are hitting you hard.
your thing are hard (?!)
but you should know.
we're here laa wei.
i know we haven't talk for a while.
but i can't stand it reading you like that.
you know.
you belong with us.
eventhough the harsh words and smelly signature.
you're still with us.
you are what you eat.
and you are what you say.
say it like this.
and take it back like that.
you might can't understand this
(even i can't)
but deep down.
dude, you're my friend.
you can anything to me.
and you are not DEAD.
dear good friend,
this is to you who always did give the chance,
and gave back to him the chance.
to you who always did felt appreciated.
but you are.
deep down inside.
in the heart of souls who never open up their heart.
fuck me.
fuck you.
spirit and soul awaken.
may he revive in peas.
a lot of it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Post To Her

Dear Love,

For that very happy day, I've bought you a white rose. I ought to give to you. but i am much too far away. so i will kept in. by my side. Just like i kept you. inside my heart. so on our anniversary. on that happy day. there's only one thing i want to say. heard it many times before. others had heard of this also. but on that day, it will be special. for us al least. ok sygg? ehem. nk ckp ni.


happy anniversary.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ranting - something u never think you never expected.

its like this.

dude. you care for a girl. thats a good thinG! yeah! eventhough you didnt tell me n doesnt really support me in caring for my girl, its ok! dude,its a REALLY good thing. you know you can tell me anything right. so maybe i forgot or didnt LOOK like i paid attention, but i did man. you're the one that told me not to hide my feeling. am i right? hu-hu.


see. and i also HEARD that the girl rejected you. and your frens REJECTED you in some way (i know dudes. i know) i mean, you know the guys are always there for you. you can tell us anything even if you cant reach me. there's always HIM and HIM. see we do care. n you camera isnt as important as your feeling. dude, seriously. i known you way back even you aint got no camera.


by the end of this year, we'll make another pillow talk and this time YOU'RE holding the pillow ok? n i'm gonna make sure you spill everything OUT down to you biggest-not-yet-published-dirty-little-BOXER :P (ok secrets).


cheer up k? thats what you always told me. now its my turn.



we're still friends. even if you're never bought that camera.


later dude.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

desire - laptop

yaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the laptop that i had my eyes on for a while now. it the new (or so i thought) DELL STDIO 15 ARTIST EDITION : MIKE MING . yeah!!!!! haha now for the details

price : rm2699++
dateline to buy this thing : 2015 (by then, i dont think this is the best for me.)

fyi, i seriously admire the artwork. just wanted that skin anyway.
now the real details.


Built-in Devices Wireless LAN antenna , Stereo speakers
Width - 14.0 in
Depth - 10.16 in
Height - 1.48 in
Weight - 6.0 lbs
Color - Jet black
Notebook type - Thin-and-light (4-6 lbs.)
Screen type - Widescreen

Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo T5850 / 2.16 GHz
Multi-Core processor technology : Dual-Core
64-bit processor - Yes
Data bus speed - 800.0 MHz
Chipset type - Mobile Intel PM965 Express

Cache Memory
Type L2 cache
Cache size 3.0 MB

Installed Size 3.0 GB / 4.0 GB (max)
Technology DDR2 SDRAM - 400.0 MHz
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 32.0 °F
Max Operating Temperature 95.0 °F
Humidity Range Operating 10 - 90%
Shock Tolerance 110.0 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (operating) / 160.0 g @ 2ms half-sine pulse (non-operating)
Vibration Tolerance 0.66 g @ RMS (random) (operating) / 1.3 g @ RMS (random) (non-operating)
Storage Controller
Storage controller type Serial ATA

Floppy Drive None
Hard Drive 320.0 GB - Serial ATA-150
Storage Removable None
Hard drive type Standard

Optical Storage
Type 8X Slot Load CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive) - Integrated
CD / DVD read speed 8X
Optical Storage (2nd)
2nd optical storage type None

Card Reader
Card reader type 8 in 1 card reader
Supported flash memory cards MultiMediaCard , Memory Stick , SD Memory Card , xD-Picture Card , SDIO , Memory Stick Pro

Display Type 15.4 in TFT active matrix
Max Resolution 1280 x 800 ( WXGA )
Widescreen Display - Yes
Video - Graphics Processor / Vendor Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Video Memory 256.0 MB

Audio output type Sound card
Audio output compliant standards High Definition Audio

Notebook Camera
Camera Type Integrated
Sensor Resolution 2 Megapixel

Input Device(s)
Input device type Keyboard , Touchpad

Networking 10/100 Ethernet , Network adapter
Networking / Wireless LAN Supported Yes
Wireless NIC Dell Wireless 1397
Data link protocol IEEE 802.11n (draft) , 802.11a/b , IEEE 802.11b , Ethernet , IEEE 802.11g
Networking standards IEEE 802.11b , IEEE 802.11g , IEEE 802.11n

Expansion / Connectivity
Expansion Slots Total (Free) 1.0 ( 0.0 ) x Memory , 2.0 ( 1.0 ) x ExpressCard/54
Interfaces 1.0 x Network - Line-out/headphones - Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm , 1.0 x Hi-Speed USB - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T - Mini-phone 3.5 mm , 1.0 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire) - VGA - 19 pin HDMI Type A , 1.0 x Audio - HDMI - RJ-45 , 1.0 x Audio - Line-in - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) , 1.0 x Microphone - Input - 4 pin USB Type A , 4.0 x Display / video - 4 pin FireWire , 1.0 x Display / video - Mini-phone 3.5 mm

pliz visit this website for more info

ranting - raya

it raya!!!!!!!!!!!




aa raya. the festive season. a day to celebrate our victorious effort of fasting for a whole month n going thru rough n challenging test . aa what a day..

as been told in my last post, i dnt feel raya coming. idk. maybe something just isnt there. ow well. raya's here anyway. so lets start celebrating ! :D

day 1.

i started my day with waking up in the morning and sleeping in the mosque while the khutbah is given out. all dressed up in my bju melayu n sampin plus songkok, then sleeping in the back of the mosque. nice start :)

then got back home, start the photo session and maaf memaafkn, duit raya (cant miss this babeh ! :D:D ) and eat.

since i am already EHEM 16, i dont get that much duit raya. and SOME people has been mistaking me for a dad. yup. A FATHER OF A CHILD. nice huh? :)

Tthen after visiting some relative, i got back home n sleep. ow yeah. (in the "jim carrey" accent) i slept. n it was NICE.

woke up , eat bla bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla..

well that was boring!

ow well. a post of total boringness.

this is a rant anyway. why'd u care?

haziq dont read this.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ranting - straight from my heart 1

hi. and hepi raye. :)
sooo i just got home. n while i am over there at mrsm kb, i've decided. from now on. im gonna write in my blog. n letting things out little by little. cos since no one is trying to discover this heart of mine. i guess i just let it out n let myself read it. i know it sounded a little pathetic. but then its me what do i care what you think? ive learned recently that if you let people get the better of u. then u better off dead since you've become worthless to the society n no one wants you anymore. and isnt that sad? :)

well then. let get this ranting started.

in this post, im gonna tell you something. in the next post, im gonna write something else. simple as that.

you see. 3 weeks fasting in a boarding school isnt all that fun. mrsm kb isnt that kind of place that promise you the fasting fun. to me at least. and being there actually tortured me in some way. i got a bit feverish, got gastric juice in my stomach, missing my home,frens+gf, wishing i wasnt there, intervention for addmath (i got 9% for log formative test), havent sahur for a few continuous days, being kick and stabbed deeply in the back (real deep), got me wishing for stuff i am never gonna get (not in this 10 years maybe) an many unpleasant memories. and the worst thing is. i dont feel excite for raya :(. i mean, usually when raya is near, u start to feel excited. feel happy and thankful. but then being there, with the pressure and the routine and lack of mass media to tell me that raya is coming, i felt like. raya isnt as exciting as it used to. :((

then when its time to go home. the excite aroused a little bit. since i get to go home. later my frens hp (which i depend on) got taken by the warden, im going to kelantan for a few days for raya. stil ok. i guess i still have some days. btw im going back to kelantan at 3am after this. ok2. its ok. i can deal with this.

then it got worse.

i started to dig "i gotta feeling - bep" since i do got that feeling. :) while picking me from the bus station, my dad isnt in his good mood. he cranky and sleepy u see. so eventhought he said to me earlier "nnti kite g ah jj lps amik abg since jj ttp pkul 1 n you can get ur stuff" . feeling excited, i was hoping forward for it. then my hope crushes to pieces. teeny teeny pieces of dzarah. then i felt like tears. or so i thought. then my gf.. she got touchy. ow great. its ok. its ok. i can work all of this out. i got that feeling remember? so after top up my hp and fill my tummy. off to home to achieve my feeling. then it crushes again. my gf is still touchy. i dont know why. she had that "im disappointed in you " and she say she's ok. i dont like that. i SERIOUSLY DONT LIKE IT. shes not like the herself i was hoping her to be when i talk to her. i dont want all that missing go to waste. its ok sayang. :* and guys. i contact u guys nnti tau. dont worry :) :) .

well then, while i still try to sort out my night, i hope you guys enjoyed your ramadhan. n make out the best out of your raya. love u sygg n frens n all . till my next post. bbye

Friday, August 21, 2009

there's this...

there's this thing i wanted.. a phone
there's this family i cherish.. my family
there's this girl i like.. Qila
there's this group i hang with.. uguk2 family
there's this song i wanted..
there's this school i goes to.. mrsm kb
thers's this..
and that..
but then..
all of them lie deep in my heart.
just waiting to come out.
but then again..
i cant get them all out at 1 time..
then something taclessly will happen.
so i'll just keep them neat.
deep in my heart.
and let them be explore.
by those who can.
and let them be wonder.
let them be there.
till those who can make me.
fill out these thing.
and express them.
without being jugde.
which we human tend to.
discarding n rejecting those things.
without thinking the consiquences.
the afterworks that will happen.
to the expressor.
and that is life.
there's his one quote.
"don't go with life.
grow with life."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i am going back to penang! waa :((

i dont wanna go back. dont wanna. my time here is not finished yet.i wanna stay here longer. its gonna be 2 month till my next vacation. its a LONG time ok! i dont wanna.. there are still things i wanna do. people i wanna see. dont send me back to that torture collage ! waaa i dont wannaa! me dont wanna....

isk isk.. would some one hold me?

i think i need a hug.. :(

Monday, June 1, 2009

yes, im not the president ure not looking for..

when blogging. i have every right to say what i want. im not talking shit. im not insulting the president or anyone. im talking bout dissapointment. n who cares if my speeling is wrong. right? right? so i wanna talk about me not being the EMC president. so no one out there can think bad of me just because i post this, ok?! ok.. sorry for the harsh word (if u do think its harsh..)

at my school, theres a comitee called the English Motivational Comitee where its theyre job to motivate people to talk more english. and frankly, im one of them.

last thursday night. an election for the new office bearer for the EMC 09/10 has commenced. i myself, truth be told, wanted to be the president. n yes. i wanted it badly. so i try to convinced some of them to votefor me. n yet my street cred were not all that. so i didnt get the title. it get worse when i didnt get any title at all.. yeah maybe im being a title-freak but still.. i wanted a title. something that can make people know me. a reason of existence in that college. but sadly. no title for u. :(

huh.. in my debate team. im the only on without a title. my first speaker is the ict networker. he do the blog for the emc. my second speaker is the photographer for the emc while my third speaker. is the president. leaving me. nothing. i felt left out. but then. it all come back to me. its my fault that everybody else thinks im capub-ing or syok sendiri. maybe i should fix myself. have some motivation for myself. or.. i could just stay like this. being the guy that none approved of. huh...

well. thats all for my dissapointment post. i hope those who did read this wont jugde me badly. if u do. then i apologive to make u even thought of me . sorry n do visit again if u have time. gudbye now. n have a nice evening.

ps; my name is syafiq.. n thanks again..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

blogging in secrets :D

hahaha. finally! with bongek out of the way, i can blog! :D hehe fyi. i am officially in the mrsm kepala batas debate team n for being a debater, i got to use the computer n open blog (secretly of cos.). well, today we should be practising for tomorrow friendly, but knowing the sloth syafiq, i blog. haha guys! if you do read this. know that i am HANDSOME! HAA! been long since i last praise my big butt! n n mothers day are coming up. so expect a card from me mom. and and and sygggg i miss you.. :* guys im going to bentong so wish me luck. n wish i dont flunk! well, thats all for now. until next time teacher is not in. later n gudnite!

ps; dude, if you do read this. well, have fun. i think.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

till then..

till then btho.. till then guys.. till then everybody.. nnti kte jumpe lg tau,.. till then.. so long and gud nyte...

bbye. assalamualaikum..

(ye mek aku bg salam ni..)


Thursday, April 30, 2009


yeahh.. its been fun. a week in btho . a week holiday while others go to school. for the past three days smkbtho2 has seen my block face n stupid behavior. yes.. its been fun. but soon back to kb i go. doing routine stuff. huh. boring!! i wanna stay here a little bit longer! a year maybe? haha dream on syfq! it was nice while it lasted. got to see old frens. gf. exchanging stories. huh gud times. gud times.

p/s: dude. i know we've been i evading each other. or is it was me? btw sorry. hope we can meet.

later now. :*:*

Saturday, April 25, 2009

tell tales of telling tales from the tailoring teller himself

:O i was told to update my blog. so now i will and i am. as u can see from the title, this is a "..tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifiying nothing.." (taken from life's BRIEF candle;shakespear) . where was i? aa yes. baby. i know i have been an annoyance,ngade3 sunnuva gun but sorry if i really DID hurted your feeling. baby im sorry. i didnt know what i did. maybe it was something big or maybe just our normal misunderstanding but still. sorry baby..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

damn *carut3* mp3!

i just got an mp3. it look nice. bluei in colour. i got it at ts with the price rm65. now the damn thing is . THIS THING BROKE! IT WONT PLAY MUSIC OR RECHARGE OR EVEN RESPONDE TO MY PC. i mean i just got it like 2 days ago. n this is what happen? ts is a long way from here n it gonna cost me lot just to get there. plus the time that is running out. the warranty is only 1 month ! plus the time to repair it. HUH!! my dad is totally gonna kill me. if i asked him to go to ts n repair it. damnn man...

any volunteer in helping me doing this?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Honey Im Home..!!

I am home! home fr the next 10 days from prison called MRSM KEPALA BATAS! where the prisoner living there r practising mental killing spree with a few exception who r killing physically. it is a time when saying hi (to the opposite gender, ususaly he seniors) is wrong n not saying hi (again,to the seniors. all of them) is wrong. the only right thing to do here is study n get throwned out from class if u dont finish up ur hw OR get in the class thru the window if ure late. yes its one of those places where if u dont survive here. u wont survive anywhere. yes welcome to MRSM KEPALA BATAS. where you classroommates(male usualy) r ur enemies..

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh effects

well. thats all for now. aside from the piles of hw n dirty laundry. nothing much of the many memoirs that i wanted to bring back. now i gotta go my reading. reading what? KREKO of cos. :D

bbye now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

so.. this is it, huh?

just like the title. so.. this is it huh? the time for people to part away , in the name of chasing their dreams.. my dream is not in mrsm. but if the goverment said so. then i had to follow.. seriously i dont wanna leave. there are people i dont wanna leave here. family friends loved ones. people who'd cry for me. that made me think i am needed here. i dont wanna leave my frens. my good n dearest frens. dont wanna lost my 2009 class, 4 Beta. i dont wanna leave her n them n everybody else. yes u may called me an "ego guy" for not crying. not sedey. but do u really know what i felt? do u know what i did the night i got my result? i merajok. i dont wanna talk to my mum. dont wanna see my dad. but then i know i had to stay positive. my dad will eventualy make me go. so i thought. n thought. n thought. n decided to give it a shot. n let me tell you. the last week of going to smkbtho 2 was not giving a good thought to my sensitive side. people cried. people gave advices. people gave hope. people sad. im sad. i dnt wanna go. but then.. its a good think i have frens there. frens that i can trust. aaahh! damn man! yes haziq. i am crying right now. am i ego now? huh am i am i??!! damn man! :((


guess then i see u guys next month huh? in march n may.. i hoped u guys wont forget me n i hoped for the same for me. gdbye baby. gdbye dude. till we meet again.

p/s : i love you guys. frens, who am i without u guys :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

kuar eh?

ari sabtu haziq.. kite kuar hari ahad eh? bley sygg?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


tagged by CoffeeDude.

What have you been doing recently?
trying to plan my way ponteng-ning school :P

Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
yes. in state of emergency. by emergency i mean my dad wanting to see it :)

What happened at 10am today?
3/2/2009 - pretended i'm listened to the teacher while resting my brain.

When did you last cry?
last week. i got into a quarrel . it was not nice .

Believe in fate/destiny?
definitely brother! :D

What do you want in your life now?
a scooter with fire rockets n laser jets :D

Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
playing in the rain is WAYYY nicer.

What's your favourite thing to do on the bed?
SMS-ing! my optometyer(eye doctor :D) said i cant read on the bed no more. it'll give u agtimatisme (silau).

What bottoms are you wearing now?
The bottom that make my butt looks all that.

Whats the nicest things in your inbox?
my baby telling me bout her real feeling for me :*

Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
no way! why would i do that?!

Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?

What was the last movie you caught?
Inkheart! n-i-c-e!

What are you proud of?
my butt n the new spec i'll be getting :D

What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
about a SIPUT BABI joke or something.

What was the last song you sang out loud?
akan tiba - aliff OIAM

Do you have any nicknames?
just call me syafiq. thats nice :)

What does the newest text say?
do u got anything else to ask beside this?

What time did you go to bed last night?
bout 1.45 am. the result was not nice.

Are you currently happy?
yes and no. make it 'a little not over me'.

Who gives you the best advise?
mostly haziq but then i ignored most of his advice. no offence dude.

Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
i would try but the cream wont come out :(

Who did you talk on the phone last night?
ure a busybody guy arent u? fine. Qila :*

Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Qila :* she SMS-ed me if u must know.

Friday, January 23, 2009

talks about stupidity..

PMR. a chance for pupils to ask whatever they are desired if they got what their mom told them to. maybe a little off your mom's target but still she'll offer you something right? it is in this kind of period where you, after-PMR-candidates-who-got-their-result to ask for.. idk.. handphone. a scooter. PSP or maybe moneyy? yeah... i heard a friend of mine got a laptop for his 8A.. nice huh?

and here's the boring part.

well. my mom ask me if i wanted anything for my 7A.(7A je. wasnt in my mom expectation even thought she said 6A is ok..). after a whole night of silence treatment mymom ask if i wanted anything. well for some people this is the chance to get what they wanted. but after what i experienced. all i said was nothing..

a few weeks past n still i havent ask anything from her. she asked and asked n i still said nothing that can make her mind say "ahh i see..". ive been thinking 4 of my friends r having their bdays in Feb. so i asked for an amount of money to go shopping since im broke n all. n when i did asked for a secret amount of money. she didnt blink. i tried to soft it off a little by saying that this is 4 my PMR gift thingy. n she still didnt blink. after a little talk. she'd agree. but daddy have to know about this. i didnt blink. comparing money n my dad questions. i rather cancel the money i asked. n she suddenly suprised. i did asked for money n she'd willing to give it to me but now i dont want it? wth? then i say "ok mummy byeee... n dont tell daddy about this.. gdbyeeee..." n went climbing a tree while leaving my mom with her jaws opens wandering what had happened.. yeah.. i refused money.. dumb huh?

after telling this to a few friends n the respondes was anoynomous.

"u my fren are an idiot."

so whos up for cappucino with extra foam? haziq's buying..

i am some guy huh?

i had a fight. n this isnt one of those "kiss n make up" fight noo... this one is way out of my league. i dnt know what else to do.. one minute we're so into. next minute she doesnt wanna talk to me.. this so remind me of the click five song. JENNY. im sorry.. i really do.. if itsabout me. i apologize seriously apologize. if the person that im talking about is reading this right now. i wanna say I'M SORRY... i know i can be a jerk sometimes.. or maybe sometimes u never liked.. but .. im sorry.. sorry..

Anyone up for mochacinno latte? im buying..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the tag tag tag-a-long

aaaaaa nnti klau korg ade laa somethg yg bley dikongsi bersama aku tentang tagging3 ni. cmnt aku ye? tq


Of sombong n stupid

theres this kind of people.. this kind of people.. they are in the same time arrogant n stupid.. ive been told i am a good and decent kind of guy.. ive also been told im this kind of guy.. now im confiuss.. if i was to be a novel character. would i be the good fren of the hero who is trying to save the people he loved. or the bad guy whos trying to wreck the world? or maybe im just the extra character that show up just to make some stuupid joke n laugh alone... or maybe the guy that talks to himself n people called him "crazyy...(in a bad way)".. so if all of those thinggs piles up that made me A NORMAL PERSON.. am i right? am i right? haha so all of those people (or person) that read this. sorry to bored you to sleep... who's up for ice cream n low fat latte?


p/s : dude if i did made you feel bad. sorry..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cerita yg sedih di malam yg sepi..

*Ditulis semula penulis seperti yang diceritakan oleh En. Mohd Azman student Malaysia kat Jepun
Assalamualaikum. Nama saya Mohd Azman (bukan nama sebenar) dan saya sekarang sedang menuntut di salah sebuah universiti di negara matahari terbit, Jepun. Saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman saya dengan pembaca budiman sekalian dan diharap kisah ini dapat dijadikan iktibar pada masa hadapan.

Kisah ini berlaku di depan mata saya sendiri menyebabkan saya berasa insaf. Ada seorang budak Jepun bernama Tatsuo-kun (bukan nama sebenar) dan tinggal bersama-sama emaknya Maciko-san (juga bukan nama sebenar) di daerah Yamanashi. Dua beranak ini hanya tinggal berdua sahaja kerana bapa Tatsuo-kun telah meninggal dalam satu kemalangan jalanraya. Kerana keluarga ini hanya tinggal berdua saja maka hubungan di antara Tatsuo-kun dan ibunya Maciko-san amatlah rapat sekali. Apa yang dihajati Tatsuo-kun akan cuba dipenuhi oleh ibunya dan Tatsuo-kun pula membesar menjadi remaja yang bijak lalu membolehkan dia mendapat biasiswa dan memasuki Meiji University.

Ketika ini perangai Tatsuo-kun mula berubah dan selalu tidak menelefon atau pulang ke rumah ketika cuti meninggalkan emaknya kesunyian di rumah. Hendak dipendekkan cerita, Maciko-san telah mengambil keputusan untuk datang ke Tokyo untuk berjumpa dengan anak kesayangannya. Ketika itulah satu perkara yang menginsafkan saya berlaku. Ia terjadi DI DEPAN MATA saya sendiri. Tatsuo-kun baru saja keluar dari pintu universiti bersama rakan-rakannya ketika ibunya tiba dan memanggil namanya. Melihat keadaan ibunya yang berpakaian kampung membuatkan Tatsuo-kun berasa malu dengan rakan-rakannya yang rata-rata anak orang berada.Tatsuo- kun dengan muka yang berang mendekati emaknya dan berkata (telah di ubah maksudnya ke dalam bahasa melayu),"Makcik ni silap orang la...”.Saya berasa sedih dan terkejut ketika itu melihat Maciko-san dilayan sebegitu tetapi masih mampu mengawal air mata. Maciko- san memegang tangan anaknya dan merayu supaya anaknya tidak bercakap begitu tetapi Tatsuo-kun yang didorong perasaan malunya telah menolak emaknya ke arah jalan raya dan dilanggar kereta. Tetapi Maciko San kembali bangun setelah mendapat kuasa dari keluarga Ultraman Taro dan menyentap tubuh Tatsuo-kun bertalu-talu di atas jalan tar sehingga berkecai tanpa mendapat pertolongan raksaksa gorko yang memang kejam...

Saya berasa sungguh sedih dan cuba untuk menolong tetapi apakan daya kerana ianya berlaku di dalam televisyen rumah saya cuma. Lantas saya mengambil remote control dan menukar ke siaran yang lain.

Diharap para pembaca tidak berasa marah dan tertipu dengan kisah En.Mohd Azman tadi kerana penulis telah pun memukulnya sehingga muntah darah kerana membuat lawak dengan muka serius.