Friday, August 21, 2009

there's this...

there's this thing i wanted.. a phone
there's this family i cherish.. my family
there's this girl i like.. Qila
there's this group i hang with.. uguk2 family
there's this song i wanted..
there's this school i goes to.. mrsm kb
thers's this..
and that..
but then..
all of them lie deep in my heart.
just waiting to come out.
but then again..
i cant get them all out at 1 time..
then something taclessly will happen.
so i'll just keep them neat.
deep in my heart.
and let them be explore.
by those who can.
and let them be wonder.
let them be there.
till those who can make me.
fill out these thing.
and express them.
without being jugde.
which we human tend to.
discarding n rejecting those things.
without thinking the consiquences.
the afterworks that will happen.
to the expressor.
and that is life.
there's his one quote.
"don't go with life.
grow with life."