Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Post To Her

Dear Love,

For that very happy day, I've bought you a white rose. I ought to give to you. but i am much too far away. so i will kept in. by my side. Just like i kept you. inside my heart. so on our anniversary. on that happy day. there's only one thing i want to say. heard it many times before. others had heard of this also. but on that day, it will be special. for us al least. ok sygg? ehem. nk ckp ni.


happy anniversary.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ranting - something u never think you never expected.

its like this.

dude. you care for a girl. thats a good thinG! yeah! eventhough you didnt tell me n doesnt really support me in caring for my girl, its ok! dude,its a REALLY good thing. you know you can tell me anything right. so maybe i forgot or didnt LOOK like i paid attention, but i did man. you're the one that told me not to hide my feeling. am i right? hu-hu.


see. and i also HEARD that the girl rejected you. and your frens REJECTED you in some way (i know dudes. i know) i mean, you know the guys are always there for you. you can tell us anything even if you cant reach me. there's always HIM and HIM. see we do care. n you camera isnt as important as your feeling. dude, seriously. i known you way back even you aint got no camera.


by the end of this year, we'll make another pillow talk and this time YOU'RE holding the pillow ok? n i'm gonna make sure you spill everything OUT down to you biggest-not-yet-published-dirty-little-BOXER :P (ok secrets).


cheer up k? thats what you always told me. now its my turn.



we're still friends. even if you're never bought that camera.


later dude.