Wednesday, May 6, 2009

blogging in secrets :D

hahaha. finally! with bongek out of the way, i can blog! :D hehe fyi. i am officially in the mrsm kepala batas debate team n for being a debater, i got to use the computer n open blog (secretly of cos.). well, today we should be practising for tomorrow friendly, but knowing the sloth syafiq, i blog. haha guys! if you do read this. know that i am HANDSOME! HAA! been long since i last praise my big butt! n n mothers day are coming up. so expect a card from me mom. and and and sygggg i miss you.. :* guys im going to bentong so wish me luck. n wish i dont flunk! well, thats all for now. until next time teacher is not in. later n gudnite!

ps; dude, if you do read this. well, have fun. i think.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

till then..

till then btho.. till then guys.. till then everybody.. nnti kte jumpe lg tau,.. till then.. so long and gud nyte...

bbye. assalamualaikum..

(ye mek aku bg salam ni..)