Thursday, January 20, 2011

I know I know, I suck..

Dear sygg,
Dear, in many ways, i'm a loser. i dissapointed many individuals in my life, not to mention my family, frens and you.
dear, i always wanted to tell you, how interior i felt in front of you. you see dear, in many ways, i am lame. i suck. i never heard and do many things. i never remember anything important and or please you in many ways. i, in many ways and words, is a humble loser. dear, u, have a car, that drives me everywhere whereas i, stay at home , cooking junks. you are the one who comes to see me, and bring me out. you are learning skills, and have business for yourself. whereas i, goes to work when time, my lousy works that no one respected, even when i'm happy for that. i never had enough money, and i depended on you in vast ways. i could not be there when you really need me, or help when you really need it. its like, the position of our relationship has tumbled and opposed. i.. am lame. i am only good at making stupid nonsense and anger everyone around me.
dear, i really felt tiny when i'm with you. or with our frens, never had the feeling of superiority came to me when they should have. and i hope, just a tiny faith in me, that u and our frens, accepted me they way i am, the way i had grown to be. i'm no superman, no extraordinaire. i'm just me. a rusty, stupid me.
dear, never the less, i love you. and i hope you'd never read this. i never though to put it here, but i never expected i had the guts to do it. just, don't hink less of me, ok?

till then,
a loser,

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