Monday, November 2, 2009

ranting - grey matter?

here's to the reincarnation of the never deceased.
here's to he who thinks he's no one.
alone and petrified.
and if even thinks that you're in peace.
you got me to worry about.
this is not you dude.
what happen to the happy-go-fucking-lucky you?
you're all sad and distured.
and you don't even told me about it.
i know.
things must be hard for you.
things are hitting you hard.
your thing are hard (?!)
but you should know.
we're here laa wei.
i know we haven't talk for a while.
but i can't stand it reading you like that.
you know.
you belong with us.
eventhough the harsh words and smelly signature.
you're still with us.
you are what you eat.
and you are what you say.
say it like this.
and take it back like that.
you might can't understand this
(even i can't)
but deep down.
dude, you're my friend.
you can anything to me.
and you are not DEAD.
dear good friend,
this is to you who always did give the chance,
and gave back to him the chance.
to you who always did felt appreciated.
but you are.
deep down inside.
in the heart of souls who never open up their heart.
fuck me.
fuck you.
spirit and soul awaken.
may he revive in peas.
a lot of it.

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